Doctor2U launches on-demand ambulances

KUALA LUMPUR: Local online platform for on-demand healthcare services, Doctor2U, has included a feature that lets users request for an ambulance on-demand, the first in Malaysia to offer this through an app.

In this endeavour, Doctor2U has partnered with Falck First Ambulance with a total of 20 ambulances allocated.

"The ambulance feature will be available for those in the Klang Valley and Kota Kinabalu first before Doctor2U and Falck roll out this service in Penang, Malacca and Johor Baru," it said in a statement.

Since Malaysian roads can be unpredictable with traffic and weather conditions, the feature does not provide any time guarantee.

But Doctor2U estimates the response time will be twice as fast compared to the standard 999 calls.

The app will automatically direct the nearest Falck ambulance via Waze to the user's location and then to the requested hospital drop-off location.

The feature will focus on on-demand requests for now but Doctor2U plans to add a booking element in the future. — Bernama