Law firm organises blood drive for employees to create awareness

KUALA LUMPUR: Forty-one employees of Lee Hishammuddin Allen and Gledhill (LHAG) contributed to a blood donation drive organised by the law firm.

LHAG's senior associate Cindy Sim said the blood donation drive in collaboration with the National Blood Centre (NBC) was a yearly corporate social responsibility project by the firm.

Sim said the blood donation drive was the firm's way of making a significant contribution to society, to ensure the NBC has adequate supply to meet the needs of the public.

"Last year the collection was not that much as many of our staff could not contribute because of the Zika epidemic," she said during the blood donation drive at LHAG's office today.

Dr Sabeha Sahebuddin from NBC, also gave a talk to the employees on the importance of donating blood.

According to the Health Ministry, the awareness of blood donation is still low among Malaysians, with only 660,000 people or just 2.2% of the entire Malaysian population donating blood in 2016.

The Ministry added about 2,000 pints of blood is needed daily to treat 1,000 patients and a shortage of blood is expected to occur if there is no awareness on donating blood.