30 sen surcharge for ‘ikat tepi’ lands stall in hot water

A STALL owner was slapped with a compound by the Ministry of Domestic Trade, Co-operatives and Consumerism (KPDNKK) over a 30 sen surcharge on takeaway drinks.

Its enforcement officers inspected the outlet at the Awan Besar rest area along Kesas Highway after a viral posting of the stall charging extra to pack drinks.

Netizens were fired up over it charging customers an extra 30 sen for takeaway drinks tied in plastic packet, more popularly referred to in Malay as “air ikat tepi”.

A photo of a receipt was shared. On top of the RM3.50 for the assam boi lime drink, the customer had to pay an additional 30 sen.

Anita, the stall owner of ‘Chempaka Grab N Go’, posted an explanation on the extra charge in Facebook. “Let me explain. In today's economic situation, 30 sen really has no value. It means nothing,” she said on her Facebook account Nita Saidi.

“See the difference between the drinks that are drank in-house and those for takeaway. Don’t be quick to judge and bring others down.”

KPDNKK conducted a check. “Upon inspection we found that the premise that had gone viral failed to display its pricing and state that an additional RM 0.30 would be charged for takeaway for its assam boi lime drink as well as other beverages.

“Hence, the premise has been subjected to compound (fines) under the Price Control and Anti-Profiteering Regulation Act 2011 (AKHAP 2011),” according to a statement quoted from KPDNKK Facebook page.

Watch the video here: