Woman sues hospital after botched boob job by oral surgeon

A WOMAN is suing a hospital in Jiaxing in the Chinese province of Zhejiang over a botched breast augmentation procedure performed by an oral surgeon who is not qualified to practise plastic surgery.

Li Ying had her breasts enlarged at the plastic surgery hospital late last year. After the operation, liquid and puss started seeping out of her breasts and her nipples began to look as if they were decaying.

She sent a photo of her breast to the surgeon who performed the operation, but was assured that it was normal and she didn’t have anything to worry about. She was advised to return for a checkup if she was still doubtful.

However, Li Ying sought a second opinion at a Shanghai hospital where she was diagnosed with “necrosis of the breast”. After removing the implants, the hospital found that her breasts had become deformed and her nerves non-responsive.

She is suing the Jiaxing hospital, which was forced to release the qualifications of the physicians who performed the operation. The leading surgeon who advised Li not to worry was actually an oral surgeon.