Who is this ‘Datuk Roti Canai’ creating a buzz in Seremban?

A 'DATUK Roti Canai' has caught the attention of netizens, and he is selling as many as 250 pieces of them a day.

Datuk Abdul Amin Mohd Kassim, who was an actor in the 70s, is proud of his trade.

"I actually miss the technique taught by my late father and right now, I very grateful to have the opportunity to do so," said Abdul Amin , 62, who now sells roti canai at Taman Sikamat India in Seremban.

The Opah drama actor, who is better known as Amin Khan, said taking on the trade helped him to find closure after his father's death in 1986.

"I also make frozen roti canai for which I am always ready to receive orders. My stalls are open every day from 6am to noon, except on Tuesday."

He also said he did not expect the news of him selling roti canai to go viral on Facebook.

Watch the video here: