Salleh wants politicians to be more civilised

PETALING JAYA: Datuk Seri Salleh Said Keruak (pix) said political manners in the country is at times "non-existent" because certain quarters chose to play "politics without facts".

The Communications and Multimedia Minister said politicians should be more politically civilised, and that while leaders, politicians and the rakyat in a democratic country have the right to voice their opinion and criticise the government, it has to be done in a civilised manner.

"This is the kind of matured politics that our country craves. There's no need to be enemies just because we have political differences. That's not civilised politics.

"What we need now is politics with facts and data. This is what is lacking today, that at times our political manners are dead," he said in a blog post yesterday.

Salleh said every religion also does not condone the politics of hatred, as it would only ruin the political minds of the rakyat, produce sub-standard leaders, and affect the country's political development.

"We have to utilise public space rationally, as it belongs to us all. By practising civilised politics, we can work together towards developing our country," he said.