China to build first ‘Mars colony’ on earth

CHINA will build the world's first "Mars colony" in its northwest Qinghai province, China News Service reported on Tuesday. The project is part of China's drive to further expand and diversify its massive tourism industry.

The project aims to build a creative Mars experience based on science, science fiction, nature, ecology, and culture. The main part of the attraction will consist of two functional zones. One being the "Mars communities" and the other being "Mars camps".

It will be located in the hinterland of the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau, which has diverse geography and magnificent natural scenery, including mountains, grasslands, dessert, rivers, and lakes.

The geographical features, natural scenery, and climate are all similar to that of on Mars, making the region a good area for the construction of a simulated base.

Liu Xiaoqun, director of the General Office of the Lunar and Deep-Space Exploration at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, told the China Daily that the Mars Village will boost local tourism and cultural industries.