Stop proposing so many new subjects

THERE are many short-term and long-term solutions to address the rising issue of pupils' heavy schoolbags which was highlighted recently.

As for the short-term solutions, I believe it will be properly addressed by many experts in the country in coming days. I would like to address the long-term solutions, which many people have ignored.

The issue concerning pupils lugging heavy schoolbags can be solved if we are willing to put in the effort. One way is by putting a stop to proposing many new subjects for our pupils to learn in our schools.

It has become an increasing new trend in our country where any social issues that are being raised all have a simple solution; introducing a particular subject just to address that single social issue in school.

For example, the issue concerning drug abuse among youth in society was raised by an overly concerned individual or NGOs that urged the government to introduce a new subject solely to address the issue.

The issue surrounding bullying and gangsterism also yielded the same solution being proposed; introducing a new subject on it in school.

The issue on road safety, again proposed a similar solution. Not forgetting the politicians that constantly remind people about the need to understand history, the spirit of our constitution, the importance of values in a multi cultural society which we are living in, with each requiring its own subject to be taught to our pupils in school. What's going on here?

It would be unfair and cruel to force all our pupils in school to learn everything that adults failed to learn in their life.

Proposing new subjects just to address every single issue in the world is totally ridiculous.

There is no short cut to teaching our youngsters about the many social ills we are facing in our society today.

Proposing new subjects to address the matter is not the solution. If we keep asking the government to introduce new subjects on every issue, we will see an increase in stress levels of the students in our schools and the never-ending story on pupils lugging heavy schoolbags.

Instead of asking to introduce a new subject, the correct approach would be to insert all arising social issues inside any existing subject, which already exists in our school curriculum.

By doing this, students as well as teachers will not be overburdened and, in the long-term, would eventually bring an end to any rising issues associated with teaching and learning workloads and pupils lugging heavy schoolbags.

Muzaffar Syah Mallow