Woman sells nasi lemak from car boot while caring for three kids

The woman sells nasi lemak from her car boot along with her three children. — Pix from Facebook
Customers line up to buy nasi lemak. — Pix from Facebook
The woman packs nasi lemak as her child is strapped on in a baby carrier. — Pix from Facebook

PETALING JAYA: A woman has been eking out a living by selling nasi lemak out of her car boot while caring for three children at the same time.

Her resolute and her devotion to her family have gained applause, respect and sympathy on the social media. The woman's plight was brought to light by a posting on Siakap Keli Press Facebook page, with over 22,000 shares.

The post reads: "She has to look after her three kids while making a living at the same time, it must be so tiring. I know how she feels. I find it hard to control just two kids while taking them out shopping."

The woman sells nasi lemak for RM1 in an Ampang Petronas station, next to the Tesco and MRR2.