Corruption is no longer a normal threat: MACC

PUTRAJAYA: Today, corruption can no longer be deemed as a normal threat as it is capable of threatening people's well-being and safety to the extent of causing chaos in a stable country, according to Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) chief commissioner Datuk Dzulkifli Ahmad.

As such, he said the people should come forward to help and support MACC's efforts to fight those who committed breach of trust, graft, and abuse of power.

"If not addressed in a holistic manner, the threats of corruption and power abuse, which are spreading to all levels of society, will destroy everything that our country had achieved today," he said in a statement issued in conjunction with the Warriors' Day celebration tomorrow.

Dzulkifli also called on all Malaysians to share the burden and responsibility to maintain peace in the country by creating a corruption and power abuse-free environment.

He said the people should also realise that the peaceful and harmonious country they had today was the result of the persistent struggle and courage of the warriors who fought for the country.

"We (the MACC) are also proud and will forever be grateful for the deeds and sacrifices made by our warriors, the security forces and also the veterans in protecting the sovereignty of the country," he added. — Bernama