Datuk Seri Vida wants to duet with Psy

COSMETIC millionaire Datuk Seri Dr Hasmiza Othman, better known as Datuk Seri Vida, doesn't want to be a one-hit wonder. After the success of her debut music video I Am Me with over three million views on YouTube, she now eyes the international market.

The Vida Beauty founder wants to duet with K-pop superstar, Psy.

"I thought it would take a long time for it to gain popularity, but it became viral in such a short time," Berita Harian quoted her as saying.

"As I had hoped, the song became a phenomenon not only in Malaysia, but in many other countries too."

However, Datuk Seri Vida is not in a rush to land her follow-up and international hit. She said she would give it another year before she releases another song.