Bid for new ultra-limited MINI Clubman Sterling Edition soon!

MINI Malaysia today introduced the new MINI Clubman Sterling Edition. “Purposefully made with unprecedented aesthetics and brimming with serene elegance, the new limited edition MINI is a true expression of a modern gentleman’s car and will only be available for booking online at, a first in the Malaysian automotive industry,” said the company.

Han Sang Yun, managing director and CEO of BMW Group Malaysia said, “The MINI Clubman was the car that created a new chapter in the story of MINI. Not only did it revolutionise the brand by taking the MINI appeal a notch higher, it also introduced us to the new creative class social segment. Today, the New MINI Clubman Sterling Edition, is a modern take on one of the most iconic cars in the world. Limited to only 20 units made available in Malaysia, this MINI is exceptionally well-made with unique versatility to its body concept and individual style. Known as the car for the gentlemen of the modern age, this limited edition MINI is bound to excite and make its mark in the premium compact segment”.

The flash sale will go live, with a booking function from Tuesday, Aug 15 to Saturday, Aug 26. For a limited time and with the countdown clock running, customers will have to keep their eyes peeled for the right time to book their limited Clubman Sterling Edition. They do this by filling up the booking form on the page and making the booking fee payment when the time is right.

Design: Premium not pretentious

“The new MINI Clubman Sterling Edition offers unprecedented aesthetics brimming with serene elegance. Clever ideas, emotionally charged design and a sophisticated colour and material mix all come together to exude characteristics of a modern gentleman who is chivalrous, sophisticated and confident.

“One of its key exterior highlights is its Melting Silver body colour with the subtle Matte Black Jack mirror caps and roof décor. This is complemented further by Black Union Jack symbols located at the side scuttles to pay homage to its glorious British origins. The bespoke 18-inch MINI Yours Masterpiece wheels in burnish black similarly conveys supreme elegance for every occasion. With stylishness, attention to detail and a high degree of sophistication, the new Clubman Sterling Edition demonstrates highlights seen for the first time in this form.

“Like a finely tailored jacket, its lining is usually fitted with a more vivid and contrasting tone versus the jacket’s colour as an expression of the owner’s character, class and style. This bold concept is embodied in the MINI Clubman Sterling Edition’s interior, with its combination of Indigo Blue and Pure Burgundy. The Pure Burgundy interior is made available with MINI Yours Illuminated Interior, which allows the owner to choose from 12 pre-set colours to the trims, fitting to whatever the mood and liking of the driver and passengers.

“Inside, the driver will also be greeted by the supple seats in luxurious Chester Leather upholstery in Indigo Blue crafted to deliver a smooth feel of the leather against the driver’s hand with its diagonal quilting. Indeed, these new-generation seats evoke the classic Chesterfield sofa. Additionally, the design of the sports seats cites the British heritage of MINI while delivering contemporary interpretations of its characteristic diamond pattern.

“The steering wheel also represents the best in British craftsmanship, wrapped in a soft Nappa leather and completed with a hand finished aluminium coloured stitching. At the bottom of the steering wheel, there is also the signature union jack insignia.”

Premium technology to maximise the experience

“The Parking Assist function automatically steers the new MINI into any parallel parking spaces. The parking distance control function measures the parking space on both sides of the car as the driver drives along. Once a suitable parking space is found, the MINI will instruct the driver to stop where the speed can be controlled in coordination with the guidance given on the screen using the automatic steering. Reversing into and out of tight spots has also never been easier as the Rear-View Camera provides a clear picture of what’s behind the driver, and even provides guidelines to help street the driver in the right direction.”

MINI Connected, a new personal mobility assistant

“MINIs are best known for two things: style and superb driving dynamics. But with owners spending a large majority of their time in the car, MINI’s strongest feature is also the state-of-the-art infotainment system called the MINI Connected.

“The infotainment interface of the Clubman Sterling Edition is gorgeous – with a 6.5-inch high resolution LCD mounted in the central speedometer with graphics tuned to hug its inner circumference. The MINI Connected infotainment itself features over 30 million songs which can stream live to the MINI. Intuitive Spotify Interface is ever present in the MINI’s screen and all control functions are easily accessed with the MINI controller which is small, but comes packed with features. Owners are able to rotate the stick to scroll through menus, tilt side to side to move around the interface and then press to select items. Additionally, standard readings such as current fuel consumption, current fuel range and last known locations can be viewed via the MINI Connected phone App.

“Navigation is also a breeze with easily found new or frequent destinations. Appointments and addresses that are saved in the owner’s calendar can also be used as pre-set destinations. With the new and advanced system, route guidance is immediately displayed the moment MINI owners connect their iPhones to the car.”

MINI Roadside Assistance

The new Clubman Sterling Edition is covered by MINI Malaysia’s newest five-year Roadside Assistance program, available for all new MINI vehicles with a comprehensive list of services that include a 24-hour, 365-days-a-year “accident and help on the phone and on-the-spot” hotline, free towing services and when needed (over 200km from residential home), replacement vehicle, accommodation, mobility services solutions as well as repatriation services. The MINI Roadside Assistance program can be accessed by contacting 1800-88-8808.

Check it out at MINIFest 2017!

The Clubman Sterling Edition will also be on display at the MINIFest in Desa ParkCity, Kuala Lumpur, on Aug 20. The MINIFest 2017 will be the first-ever MINI-styled marketplace where vendors and owners will be selling fashion, accessories and lifestyle items right from the boot of a range of MINI vehicles.

“The festival will also see a host of activities for family and friends to enjoy. The activities include test drive of MINI cars, hot air balloon rides, food trucks as well as car boot flash sales. For entertainment, MINI Malaysia will also be inviting bands and DJs to perform throughout the day,” says MINI Malaysia.

The new MINI Clubman Sterling Edition comes with four years’ unlimited mileage warranty with free scheduled service. The estimated retail prices (on the road for personal registration, with GST and without insurance) is RM268,888.