Compassion saves family after heart-tugging images go viral

THESE are images that no compassionate person could ignore — a woman is sprawled face down on the floor while two children are standing next to her, crying their eyes out.

When these photo were uploaded on Facebook by social activist Syed Azmi Al Habshi, they tugged at the heartstrings of netizens. Many questioned how a mother could leave her children in such a situation.

In the series of photos, the mother is seen lying unconscious on a five-foot way as a child is crying out for help, while her younger brother looks confused.

Concerned over the well-being of the children, Syed Azmi notified the Social Welfare Department (JKM) about the family. However, the organisation failed to locate them when they arrived at the location at 2.22pm yesterday.

JKM managed to locate the family and saved the children today. They are now under its care.