20 years of excellence

IN the spirit of Eid al-Fitr, UNITAR International University (UNITAR) recently celebrated both Aidilfitri and the university's 20th anniversary in a lively open house celebration that was held in the Kelana Jaya main campus.

Occupied largely by the faculty, students, and partners of the university present in traditional Raya garb, the permeating aroma of the food spread and social banter of those present lingered right up till the ceremony began.

Present was UNITAR's Chief Executive Officer, Sharifidin Nik Mohamed Din, and the event quickly progressed to the cake cutting, at which the university's Chief Financial Officer, Iskandar Sham Abd Rasap, was welcomed on stage to do the honours.

After a musical number by several faculty members, the event continued until 5pm to honour two decades of UNITAR's achievement that initially began as Southeast Asia's first virtual university until it became the recognisable brand of quality higher learning education that it is today.