Book review: The Queen of Attolia

THIS is the second novel in The Queen’s Thief series.

Following the events that took place in the first book The Queen’s Thief, Eugenides (whom we were introduced as Gen the thief who claimed he could steal anything in the first book) is spying on the Queen Of Attolia, Irene.

He gets caught and she punishes him by cutting off his right hand.

Back in Eddis where the queen is his cousin, Eugenides wallows in self-pity until he realises that Attolia and Eddis are at war, and his beloved cousin might end up on the losing end.

Irene, to whom we were also introduced in book one as a cold calculating woman, turns out to be a multi-faceted character.

We discover she is forced by circumstances to be they way she is due to problems in court and opposition from the nobility who want to overthrow her.

However circumstances force Irene to marry Eugenides, setting off another chain of complicated events.

Turner continues to craft an interesting saga in this world that she created, which comes with its own mythology. All in all, an interesting second part that will make you look forward to book three.

Author: Megan Whalen Turner
Publisher: GreenWillow
ISBN: 9780062642974