Malaysian in Top 20 spot at World Rubik’s Cube Tournament (Video)

PETALING JAYA: Malaysian Muhammad Hariz Azizan has taken 14th place at the World Rubik's Cube Tournament in Paris recently.

He had to find his own funds to cover the expenses to be among the 1,100 participants from around the world.

"I qualified for the world championship after winning the first place in the country. I hold the national record of 6.55 seconds to solve the cube," Harian Metro quoted Hariz as saying.

"I am quite happy with the achievement and consider it a golden opportunity to go further in the game. However, the journey there is not easy as the preparations, including transportation and accommodation, were managed by myself."

Apart from getting help from sponsors, Hariz also sold his magnetic Rubik's Cubes.

He started playing Rubik's Cubes when he was 12 years old.

Watch the video of Hariz solving the cube in seven seconds: