Pursue your passion

ANDREAS Vogiatzakis (pix), CEO of Havas Media Kuala Lumpur, recently shared his leadership insights, techniques and people management skills with INTI International College Subang (INTI) students recently as part of the institution's long-standing INTI Leadership Series (ILS).

In this presentation to the students, Vogiatzakis spoke about his early days as a teenager in Greece, finding his feet and passion before enrolling at the prestigious Mathematics University of Athens – only to quit to pursue his passion for advertising at the University of Florida.

He shared, "I knew from the start that Mathematics was not meant for me in the long run and I eventually decided to follow my passion in advertising. Although it took me a while to finally break the news to the family, I gathered some confidence and told them. Seeing where I am now, I guess it worked out fine."

"We are what we do, and if you would like to be a leader, you need to train yourself to become one. No one is a born leader and leadership is not genetically engineered unto you; it needs to be built and earned," he added.