Pet lover's hobby turns into business earning RM300,000 annually

PETALING JAYA: A pet lover has turned his hobby into a business that earns him RM300,000 annually.

University of Sabah (UMS) Aquaculture Science graduate Jubair Juhinin, 27, never thought his hobby of keeping rabbits could be turned into a lucrative trade for him.

According to a Bernama report, Jubair's Arnab Village in Kampung Purakagis, Ranau, earned up to RM300,000 through ticket sales within a year of operation.

It has emerged as a popular tourism product in Sabah.

It is now among the favourite destinations besides the Taman Kinabalu, Sabah Tea Plantation, Poring hot spring and fish spa in Kampung Luanti.

He started with a capital of less than RM5,000 for minimal investment in facilities and landscaping.

"The Arnab Village area is now upgraded with better public amenities, rabbit stables and a souvenir shop. In the third phase of development, we will focus on building restaurants and accessory stores," he said.

The farm has eight species of rabbits — New Zealand White, Standard Rex, Mini Satin, Lion Head, Netherland Dwarf, Lop Ear, Anggora and the local breed.

Over 400 rabbits are released to roam around in a fenced area to enable visitors to record videos and pictures with them.

Jubair targets having about 1,000 rabbits in the farm early next year.

The price of admission to Arnab Village for local visitors is RM3 for children and RM5 for adults while for international visitors it is RM5 for children and RM10 for adults.