Police to place liaison officers in schools nationwide to curb bullying

KUALA LUMPUR: The police will place liaison officers in all schools nationwide to work closely with disciplinary teachers in an effort to identify and curb cases of bullying.

Deputy Inspector General of Police Tan Sri Noor Rashid Ibrahim said that there needs to be a seamless relationship between police liaisons, teachers and parent teacher associations in weeding out bullying cases.

He said that every school nationwide will have liaison officers from the police so that everyone, including school authorities can be more proactive.

"Liaison officers are on the ground, they understand what is going on in schools, they can assist in cases when it happens," he said.

Noor Rashid was speaking at a "Say No to Bullying" campaign organised by the PDRM and other NGO's at Pulapol today.

When asked if schools hide bullying cases from the police to "save face", Noor Rashid said that it was a thing of the past as students and parents are more aware.

He said that the recent Ops Cantas is focusing on gangsterism outside schools where the police are infiltrating these underworld gangs to see if they are recruiting students into their gangs.

"We are infiltrating these gangs from the outside, we want to see if they are targeting school students," he said.