When an ambulance turns up for ride-sharing call

WE get different makes of passenger cars showing up when we call for ride-sharing services. A use of the services had a shock when it was an ambulance that answered his call.

According to a report in the Oriental Daily news portal, a user known only by his Weibo name, XimiKKb, recently used did a lift, a ride-sharing app.

He orders a ride as he and his friends had missed the high-speed rail from Hangzhou to Shanghai. Their ride showed up, but it was an ambulance with the words "Shanghai First Aid" emblazoned on its sides.

The driver confirmed that he was answering XimiKKb's call, who then got into the back of the ambulance, which didn't have any medical equipment inside.

He snapped some pictures and uploaded them on his social media accounts. The viral post caught the attention of the hospital.

It issued a statement that the ambulance was new and was supposed to be sent over from the automobile modification workshop.

The workshop said it had commissioned a logistics company to send the ambulance over but the driver thought it was fine to pick up rides along his journey as well to earn a little extra. The report didn't say if the driver was disciplined, but that is a foregone conclusion.