Irda set to transform Sungai Segget as Johor Baru's heart pulse

JOHOR BARU: The Sungai Segget rejuvenation project is one of the significant initiatives under the Johor Bahru Transformation (JBT) Programme that aspires to position Johor Bahru city centre as a vibrant heritage and cultural city.

The JBT programme was put into place aimed at revitalising Johor Bahru, being the capital of Johor, by providing thriving economic activities, city living and amenities that are aligned with the vision of Johor Bahru City Council (MBJB) and Iskandar Regional Development Authority (IRDA).

Head of Planning and Compliance of IRDA, Maimunah Jaffar said that the Sungai Segget rejuvenation project was now in its third phase that involves landscaping and beautification to bring back the soul of Sungai Segget as one of the major tourist destinations of Johor.

She said the design of Segget landscape proposed was community based and IRDA had done a series of seven engagements with the communities between 2016 and 2017 with the final engagements to be held on Aug 16 and 21.

"We hope that we can finalise the design before the end of this year so that the construction can start immediately," she said at a press conference after the media briefing on Phase 3 Sungai Segget rejuvenation project at the IRDA's office here.

Maimunah said that the design for Sungai Segget landscape and beautification included a road design to allow 60 per cent pedestrian and 40 per cent vehicular access to generate more economic activities to attract visitors.

"The landscape and beautification design will also take into account heritage, cultural and recreational elements holistically,” she said, adding that once completed, the public would be able to enjoy Sungai Segget upon its transformation into the pulse of Johor Bahru city centre.

There are three proposed concept zones in landscape, which are the historical and heritage zone, cultural and art zone as well as fun and leisure zone while IRDA would engage with the public and obtain their feedback on the design of the Segget landscape, she said.

The Sungai Segget rejuvenation project involves the construction of an integrated water treatment plant, a flood mitigation system and a sewerage system that will improve the river's water quality and air quality of its surrounding areas.

“This initiative is expected to revive the heart of Johor Bahru city centre, making it a more livable city and subsequently turn Jalan Wong Ah Fook into the new green lung of this vibrant city,” she added.

The project is recognised and monitored as one of the initiatives under the government's New Blue Ocean Strategy (NBOS) due to its major positive economic and social impact to the surrounding community and businesses.

Since 2010, IRDA and MBJB have been closely collaborating on the JBT programme and have established a JBT Coordination Committee to monitor the developments.

The committee has regular meetings and is chaired by the mayor of MBJB.

The JBT Programme also involved a series of engagement with the various stakeholders that included the affected property and business owners and general public. These engagements will continue to inform and obtain feedback from the stakeholders on the various related components of the programme. — Bernama