We must live and let live

IT cannot be that being an atheist is against the Federal Constitution simply because you cannot legislate a belief system.

Atheism is a state of the mind. Even if you deem it illegal how are you going to enforce it? People are creatures of habit. They will believe what they want to believe regardless of what the law tells them.

Our Constitution has established the freedom of expression. The lack of expression is also another facet of such a freedom. In our Constitution there is no requirement to believe in a creator, supreme being, or God.

However, many people our midst believe in God and hold such a belief dear and to be an integral part of their lives. That is their right. The right to silence in religious belief is equally an inalienable right of the individual and should be respected.

If such a freedom to individual thought is thwarted it goes against the holy grail of the spirit of the Constitution. It is coercion to implant a concept into the mindset of someone against his or her will.

In what way does a person not believing in God outwardly cause adverse effects on the rest who believe in God? There is zero impact impact on the rest of the public. It is not detrimental or harmful. Accordingly, it would be fundamentally wrong to impose another's beliefs onto an atheist. That would be against our Constitution. You can't prohibit a belief, even if you think it's wrong.

What is the basis of banning atheism? Does atheism turn someone into a sadist or criminal?

It defies logic to think atheists as immoral, sinners, unloving and given to violence any more than those beholden to a religion.

We must live and let live. That is what our Constitution is all about.

Dr A Soorian