Mother hangs toddler by neck because hubby misses her calls

A WOMAN hung her 22-month-old child by the neck to get back at her husband who didn't answer her call.

The 28-year-old woman from Bangkok took a video of her rash act and sent it to her husband on Aug 11. The video had gone viral.

In the one-minute long video, she can be seen scolding her husband. She demands that he returns home to look after their son.

She then picks her son up from the bed and fastens a rope around his neck. She dangles the choking boy before dumping him on a mattress.

The toddler is seen screaming and crying on the mattress as the mother faces the camera. She then tells her husband that their son is only alive because she allowed him to live. She threatens to kill the child if he doesn't pick up her calls.

The boy's grandmother saw the video and called the police. Bangkok Post reported that the child was saved.