Residential sub-sale market report - Pre-owned and practical

THE property scene down south in Johor is fascinating, especially since the launch of Iskandar Malaysia in 2006, which include EduCity and Smart City. Besides attracting global investors to set camp and run their mega industrial businesses, Iskandar Malaysia has also enticed foreign land developers and property purchasers. All these, including the host of other developments, have changed lifestyles and the economy, hence stimulated the property industry.

Still, many are cautious, deliberating the poor performance of the ringgit and soft property market situation, especially over the last year – unfavourable to many a Malaysian apparently. Some however, are of the view that “the ball is in the court of the foreigner whose currency is greater than the ringgit, ie Singaporeans. Locals with capital and cash reserves with the power to purchase property in Iskandar now and “sit out the placid spell” have the advantage. This is especially so with the easy payment schemes, rebates and discounts offered by developers, and the overhang supply of which price tags can be negotiated, if skilfully, bought for a song.

While affordable “products” are expected to be launched, do not discount sub-sale properties, especially in areas with semi-developed projects or those in the pipeline. Below are charts and graphs, courtesy of, with data retrieved from JPPH.