‘Yes, I have the body of a man, but the heart of a woman'

MEET El Lye, formerly known as Elaine Lye. The 36-year-old fitness trainer from Ipoh recently made headlines for her physical appearances.

Despite her manly image, she identifies herself as a woman.

"Yes, I have the body of a man. But I have the heart of a woman," Lye was quoted as saying.

According to reports, Lye's body underwent a drastic transformation when she started taking anabolic steroids during an intensive bodybuilding programme.

The 1.54m-tall woman was able to increase her body weight from 42kg to 62kg, thanks to the added muscles and strength.

Lye may look like an attractive muscular man on the outside, but she claims that she is not a transgender and has not undergone surgery.

Having said that, Lye admits her physicality has forced her to use male public restrooms. There were previous instances when security was involved when she entered a ladies restroom.

Since opening her own gym, Muszle Warrior, in 2007, Lye has been inspiring gym goers with her "go hard or go home" motto.

This article is from Malaysian Digest

**Note: Abuse of steroids is harmful