Tie-up with the best, for the best

BERJAYA UCH and Hilton Malaysia have decided to work together to produce world-class savvy hospitality talent.


The university signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Hilton International Asia Pacific Pte Ltd – whereby students under Berjaya UCH’s Bachelor of Hospitality Management (Hons) programme will have the privilege to master the ins and outs of hospitality management with the world renowned Hilton, via its talent development programme called the Hilton Class.

To date, three Berjaya UCH students have been “adopted” into the programme. They will receive the exclusive opportunity to train under one of the world’s top hospitality groups.

“I was personally at the receiving end of such excellent service from a Hilton staff, and am extremely delighted that such a programme is now available to our best and brightest hospitality management students in Berjaya UCH,” said Berjaya UCH vice-chancellor Emeritus Prof Walter Wong.


The MoU is testament to the solid, long-term working relationship between the Hilton and Berjaya UCH. Present at the momentous event were regional general manager for Hilton Malaysia Jamie Mead, Berjaya UCH CEO and executive director Mae Ho and Wong, among others.

The three shared their views on the “sterling” collaboration. Said Ho: “A combination of academic and real world learning produces the best results. Our Berjaya Immersion Methodology has proven, time and time again, that the balance of theory and actually doing the tasks (experiential learning), enables students to develop a competitive edge,” suggesting the similar teaching method at Berjaya UCH and the Hilton Class programme.

Mead however added that he believes it is Hilton’s obligation to develop talent in an industry that is rapidly changing and that Hilton offers tremendous opportunities for graduates to fast-track their careers, one of which is through this programme.


Topping it off, Wong said, “To be the best, we have to associate ourselves with the best.” Adding that his collaboration takes Berjaya UCH’s hospitality management programme to a new level.

Berjaya UCH offers programmes in business, communications, tourism, events and hospitality management. The university is situated on the 11th and 14th floors of Berjaya Times Square.

Deemed Malaysia’s premier university college in the fields of hospitality and culinary arts; the city campus is conceptually designed with a five-star hotel ambience and equipped with the most comprehensive and advanced facilities that mirror real world settings.

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