Traffic cops save man from being murdered

KAJANG: A man on the brink of being murdered by a gang of thugs was saved by a traffic policeman during a roadblock on Jalan Reko here late on Saturday.

After rescuing the 23-year-old victim who was injured, the policeman and his colleagues from the Kajang district police headquarters arrested three of his assailants and seized a machete at about 11.30pm.

The suspects were allegedly on their way to an undisclosed location nearby to "finish off" the victim and dump his body.

It is learnt that traffic police had flagged down a car with four men in it to carry out checks.

As a traffic policeman approached the car, the driver held out some cash which later turned out to be RM200 in an attempt to bribe his way through the checkpoint.

However, the traffic policeman who turned down the bribe became suspicious and decided to carry out a thorough inspection on the vehicle and its occupants.

During the check, the policeman spotted the victim who was bleeding profusely from a gaping wound on his abdomen and uttered to the cop "I am going to die".

All three men were promptly arrested by the cops at the scene and the victim was sent to the Kajang Hospital for treatment.

Initial investigations by the district CID revealed that more than an hour before the victim was rescued, he had gone to Setapak to meet a suspect to resolve a dispute.

However, when the victim arrived at the location, he was surrounded by at least nine men who attacked him.

After being assaulted and stabbed in the abdomen, the victim was forced into a car and driven away by three suspects believed to be members of a notorious underworld gang.

The suspects had planned to murder the victim and dispose his body in Kajang.

Police learnt that the motive behind the attack is jealousy.

Kajang police chief ACP Ahmad Dzaffir Mohd Yusoff said the three suspects who are aged between 21 and 30 have a string of previous criminal records and were handed over to Wangsa Maju police for further investigations as the attack on the victim took place in Setapak.

He said the case is being investigated for attempted murder and possession of a dangerous weapon.

Ahmad Dzaffir said the victim is warded in the intensive care unit (ICU) and his condition is reported to be stable.