Book Review: 16th Seduction

SAN Francisco homicide detective Lindsay Boxer's life was ­perfect 15 months ago.

Then her marriage is sent into a tailspin when she suspected her husband Joe was involved in four ­murders after he went missing.

She is separated from Joe now, but has agreed to go to dinner with him on their wedding ­anniversary. The two are enjoying their meal on one of the many piers in the city when there is an explosion at a neighbouring pier.

When Lindsay and Joe rush to investigate, Lindsay finds a man standing watching the ­destruction. She goes over to him, and he ­confesses to the bombing.

After a night in jail, the suspect wakes up the next morning and ­recants his ­confession. He also denies it's ever ­happened.

Both Lindsay and Joe have witnessed his confession the night before but neither one of them recorded it.
As Lindsay heads the ­investigation to find evidence to convict the suspect, he demands a speedy trial instead.

Again, Patterson takes the readers on a journey of deadly conspiracy, offering them ­another compelling read.

As for the other women in Patterson's Women's Murder Club, Claire finds a dead body she thinks fits the pattern of a serial killer that has been flying under the radar, while Yuki ­returns to the DA's office in order to try the bombing case.

Although Cindy only gets a small space in ­beginning of the book, she does get more towards the end.

The friendships of these women ­remain intact, and what little conflict these friends have is eventually resolved in an adult manner.

The 16th Seduction, by all accounts, is another compelling read from the master of intrigue.