Book Review : Born to Dance

I HAVE to admit, for a children's book, Born to Dance had me totally ­mesmerised, and kept me turning the pages.

It's a sweet story about friendship and sacrifices, and author Ure keeps things light and interesting while giving a life lesson to ponder upon.

Maddy is from a family of ballet dancers. Her father is a famous choreographer, and her mother a lead dancer who has since opened her own ballet school. Her brother is a star, and even her sister, who is married and heavily pregnant, was a dancer of ­significance in her heyday.

Maddy herself is on her way to the top but for now, she has to practise and get through school. So it is not ­surprising that she recognises talent when she sees it.
Caitlyn is an extremely shy new girl, but the way she carries herself is a dead giveaway and Maddy can't be happier to have a kindred spirit.

However, Caitlyn denies that she is a dancer, but when Maddy discovers her secretly practising ­ballet, she realises there is more to Caitlyn's story than meets the eye.

When she finally finds out the truth, Maddy is determined to step in before the ballet world loses a potential star.

All very predictable fare and yet, highly entertaining. This is simplicity at its best.