Chow Yun-fat helps to clean up HK streets after Typhoon Hato

WHEN Typhoon Hato slammed into Hong Kong on Wednesday, it uprooted trees and flooded seaside streets. Mounds of stinking rubbish and debris cluttered public spaces.

Workers were deployed to clean up the chaos the severe storm brought to the city. But one volunteer stood out, and he was well-known actor Chow Yun-fat.

He was photographed cleaning up debris which had been blown onto the road in Kowloon by a passer-by. The photo was uploaded to Instagram.

Hong Kong's Apple Daily reported Chow confirming he did his bit to help clean up after the typhoon.

The A-list actor was driving home yesterday when he found the streets in Kowloon blocked by fallen branches. He got out of his car and removed them so that cars could pass through.