ICU bio makeover makes Malaysian a Tinder hit

MALAYSIAN student Darren Go didn't get the response he wanted on dating app Tinder, so he decided to give his bio a makeover.

And he was dead on with his approach when he used a photograph of himself in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) in 2012 after having heart surgery.

"Having a 'normal,' 'civilised,' and 'pretty' bio didn't work, [so] why not try something different?" he told BuzzFeed News. "So, I thought of using my dark humour and love for puns to try and find like-minded people."

The photograph was taken by his pastor to show his church group he was recovering.

"One of (my friends) suggested that I should put it as my Tinder bio to gain some sympathy points," he said. "So I thought I would give it a shot since my normal bios aren't working anyway."

And he did get a lot of replies. "In terms of suitors, I did get many matches, but most of them just matched with me to ask me why I'm disrespecting myself or to just laugh and provide more puns," he said.

"I'm still single and very much available."