(Video) Learner driver fails test seven times, overturns car on eighth

A LEARNER driver in Zuhai, China, has failed her practical driving test seven times but that didn't stop from trying to get her licence again.

On her eighth attempt on Aug 18, she overturned her test car after hitting a tree. She was taking on an "S" bend on the road when she lost control and rammed the tree.

The car flipped and so did the tester.

A video of her crawling out of the car that turned turtle has gone viral.

"It's okay, it's fine as long as you are not injured. Don't panic, just unbuckle your seatbelt and come out," test officials at the scene told her.

"I stepped on the brake when approaching the bend but the car kept going faster so I stepped on it harder but it wouldn't stop," she said.

Apparently she hit the accelerator instead of the brake.

Watch the video here: