Vital business experience

MBA graduate Mohamed Syairoz Mohd Odman presenting his research paper.
From left: Kumar M, Liew and Lai from Berjaya Business School agree that an MBA will give you an edge over your peers.

WHY take an MBA? We picked the brains of Prof Dr Dileep Kumar M, Associate Prof Dr Lai Ving Kam and Michael Liew, Head of Berjaya Business School to enlighten us further.

"People who wish to take up an MBA degree are usually professionals who want to progress further in their chosen careers, or embark on a new one. A majority of MBA students are equipped with skills that are transferable in new roles, thus giving them an edge over their peers," said Liew.

"At Berjaya Business School, our curriculum is industry-driven, and the courses are current with industry trends. We have a strong team of industry leaders; Dileep, a specialist in Management and Human Resource Management, and Lai who has more than 45 years' experience in cross border global management and has managed supply chain operations in Asian countries, Germany, USA and United Kingdom."

"So our students will be receiving tuition from great business minds. We also invite established industry leaders to share their wealth of experience and knowledge with our students," Liew continued.

Lai claims, "An MBA degree opens up your world by building a stronger base, promotes business, and professional networks to enhance one's managerial skills and perspective".

"In order to succeed, students need to understand the global nature of business. We are living in a world, where people are engaged in businesses across boundaries. Those equipped with the right skills and knowledge to deal with turbulent global business environments are needed in this highly competitive industrial era. This necessitates a strategic mindset required for any graduate," Dileep said.

"An MBA programme henceforth stands to train students and corporate leaders to be intellectual, action-oriented, and competent to lead organisations with a strategic mind. The programme empowers graduates to understand contemporary business management approaches which are active in local and international businesses in the areas of data analytics, finance, marketing, human resource, supply chain, technology management and data science that support them to align with a global business environment, making them accomplished business

Dileep adds further, "Several business, employment and leadership opportunities are associated with an MBA programme. This programme enables students to excel in the areas of local and international financial service organisations as managers, operations managers, export and import managers, warehousing managers, junior consultants, ERP managers, and travel managers".

"I specialised in Logistics and Supply Chain Management," Lai interjects before continuing, "This specialisation opens up doors to a new world of connectivity and vibrancy.

"The partnerships students forge during their MBA period will prove invaluable in future careers.

"Taking an MBA makes them more adaptive and resourceful in managing and leading," he added.

Liew says, "An MBA provides graduates with a holistic perspective for the business world. The programme is often favoured by employers who are seeking to fill managerial positions in leading organisations
across all industries".