Book review: Yesterday

THE story is set in a world where all humans have somehow developed short-term memory and are divided between the elite Duos (who have two days' worth of memories) and the Mono masses (who only have one day's worth).

This condition makes the people avid users of electronic diaries where they store all their daily activities and observations.

The story centres around Mark (a Duo) and his wife Claire (a Mono), who are seen as a prime example of a successful mixed marriage. However, when a woman is found dead near their home and Mark is linked to her, their happy marriage starts to crumble.

The officer assigned to the case is Hans Richardson, a man with his own secrets, who now has to race against the clock to solve the murder of the woman who was not mentally stable to begin with.

The story takes some getting used to initially, but as it progresses, you begin to realise that people adapt to change in their own way, and remember only what they want to remember.

Yap throws in an interesting plot twist and essentially reminds us that the truth is not always how one remembers it.