Cycle to the train station

IMPLEMENTATION of the bicycle sharing concept in will contribute to a new chapter in resolving the last mile issue in our public transport services.

How people respond remains to be seen but certainly it is a positive move to create conditions conducive for better connectivity.

But we do not have the infrastructure to encourage a bicycle culture such as proper cycle paths, wide side roads and proper sidewalks.

Looking at the traffic scenario in Puchong, it would be an interesting case study to implement the bicycle-sharing concept to improve the linkage to LRT stations six, seven and eight.

Ridership at these stations can be said to fall short of expectation as evident by the empty stations during non-peak hours.

Better connectivity to these stations from the neighbourhood housing estates is notably inadequate.

Cycling will help address traffic woes in high density built-up urban areas.

Besides being toll-free, environmentally friendly, it also promotes a health lifestyle.

The introduction of the bicycle sharing concept is timely. There is nothing to lose but more to gain, if successfully implemented to reduce the large number of single-occupant private vehicles hogging roads during the rush hour.

Eddy Ng Soon Hoh