Wasteful enforcement

I REFER to "Foreign boat set ablaze for illegal fishing" (theSun e-paper, Aug 31).

I am saddened that the maritime enforcement authorities thought that burning and sinking the boat was the best option. Why destroy a perfectly seaworthy vessel?

The report said it was a foreign boat, so for it to have come all the way here, the vessel must have been in good condition and would have cost tens of thousands of ringgit.

Could it not have been seized and given to poor fishermen to earn a living and contribute to the fishing industry?

With the economy the way it is now, how many fishermen are able to expand their business or buy a replacement for their rickety boats?

Even if the authorities felt that it was necessary to send a deterrent message to other potential trespassers, they could have stripped the boat first before burning it.

Apart from its engine, the nets, winch and other apparatus should be worth a pretty sum and could have been given to locals who need, but cannot afford, such equipment.

This medieval act of "burning the enemy's ship" is overzealous and wasteful.

Petaling Jaya