Surgeons remove glass cup stuck up man’s bottom, he won’t say how it got there

A MARRIED man endured two days of pain before he sought the help at a hospital in Guangzhou to remove a glass cup stuck up his bottom.

The man got in an embarrassing and potentially fatal situation recently rushed into the hospital at 2am, screaming for doctors to help him.

The doctors took an X-ray and found an 8cm-tall cup with a diameter of 7cm had been pushed up into his body through his anus.

The cup was resting in the upper part of his rectum. He could have died if the object was not removed quickly and carefully.

Local news report said tried to take out the object the same way that it went in. They used drugs to relax the man’s lower body part and lubricant to pull the object out. However, the cup was too slippery.

Fearing that the glass cup could shatter and caused internal bleeding if they tried to force it out, the doctors decided to cut the man open to retrieve the cup from his abdomen.

The man who is in his 30s refused to tell the doctors how the cup ended up where it was.