Swiss chocolate maker creates naturally pink, fruity 'ruby'

SWISS chocolate makers claim to have created a fourth chocolate after dark, milk and white varieties, which happens to come in a perfect shade of Millennial pink.

After years of research and development, scientists at Barry Callebaut unveiled what they're calling ruby — not pink — chocolate, created entirely from the Ruby cocoa bean.

With a flavor profile that's described as a tension between berry–fruitiness and "luscious smoothness," the fourth type of chocolate is not bitter, milky or sweet, says Barry Callebaut.

The ruby chocolate is produced through a unique processing that unlocks the flavor and color tone that is naturally present in the Ruby bean — no food coloring or artificial berry flavors are added.

The breakthrough comes as scientists continue to sound the alarm about the growing threat of climate change over the future of cocoa crops.

The newest chocolate comes 80 years after white chocolate was invented. — AFP Relaxnews