Woman mauled by tiger asking for RM448,000 in compensation (Video)

A WOMAN who was nearly mauled to death by a tiger at the Badaling Wildlife World in Beijing is asking for 690,000 yuan (RM448,000) in compensation.

She was attacked by the tiger after getting out of her car inside the safari-style park's tiger enclosure on July 23 last year.

A video of the incident had gone viral worldwide days after the attack. The footage shows the 32-year-old woman, surnamed Zhao, getting out of her car and walking around to the front driver's side door.

She gets snatched away by a tiger, but she survives the attack. However, her 57-year-old mother who rushed out to try and save her did not.

Zhao claimed the park's safety response protocols were inadequate as park workers only tried to scare the tigers away from their prey by honking horns and revving engines. It took staff nearly 20 minutes to drag Zhao and her mother away from the scene.

Last October, Zhao admitted her own culpability in the incident, but added that the park should take 70% of the responsibility.

Initially, she sought 2 million yuan in compensation from the park. Later, she lowered it to 1.5 million. But she is asking for just 690,000 yuan before the trial starts later this month.

Watch the video here: