Dove searches for what real Malaysian beauty looks like

In conjunction with Dove's 60 Years of Real Beauty, Malaysian women will now have an opportunity to be cast in the brand's next Real Beauty campaign.

If Malaysia had a profile picture, you'd probably see large eyes, a small nose and mouth, light complexions, and v-shaped jaw. But with one of most diverse populations in Asia, this standard of beauty is incredibly narrow and does not represent the rich diversity that makes Malaysia so special. Dove want to change this.

Dove is reminding the women of Malaysia that there is not just one face of beauty, but many and they want to hear from you. Diversity in culture and ethnicities is a pride of the nation; Malaysian women should be confident of the various definitions and portrayal of beauty in Malaysia. So, while Malaysia celebrates 60 years of independence, the women of Malaysia can show what real beauty means to them by posting a picture on Instagram with the hashtag #IamRealBeauty, to show the true diversity of Malaysian beauty. Every skin tone. Every hair type. Every age.

How to take part in #IamRealBeauty
Simply post a picture of yourself on Instagram with the hashtag #IamRealBeauty from now to Oct 1 and you will have the chance to be featured in the next Dove Real Beauty campaign, as well as featured on Here are the simple steps to participate:

1. Upload a selfie or picture that best depicts Real Beauty according to you

2. Hashtag #IamRealBeauty

3. Make sure your profile is set as 'public', so that we can access your beautiful image

Images posted using #IamRealBeauty will then be collected and some women will be taken forward to feature on and the brand's 2018 advertising campaign.

The Dove Real Beauty Pledge
Featuring real women in its advertising campaigns is just one of the vows that form The Dove Real Beauty Pledge. Announced earlier this year, The Dove Real Beauty Pledge is our recommitment to real beauty and is made up of three vows we promise to uphold for women everywhere; to never use models in campaigns, to always show women as they are, and to strive to spread body confidence. Which is why we want to remind the women of Malaysia that there's no one face of beauty – there are millions.