Royal win

ONE of the oldest private law schools in the region that was established in 1987, Advance Tertiary College’s (ATC) objective has always been to afford a viable education platform for individuals from all walks of life in securing a world class legal qualification.

ATC mainly provides the University of London’s Bachelor of Laws (LLB) degree programme, a 3+0 course that enables undergraduates to study locally, yet graduate with a credible international legal qualification from “the very first university that offered English Law” – the University of London.

In the recent LLB examinations held in May, Siah An-Gel from ATC KL won the Malaysian Laws Scholarship. This scholarship, also known as the “King’s Scholarship”, is awarded yearly by the University of London to the highest scoring Malaysian student in Year One of the LLB. Through the scholarship, An-Gel will be completing the remaining two final years of her degree at King’s College London.

Coming from a family with a non-legal background, with an initial interest in medicine, An-Gel’s outstanding results in her A-Levels convinced her to pursue the LLB degree with ATC after being exposed to law.

“Honestly, I chose ATC because I was attracted to their internal merit-scholarship scheme. This gave me the impression that this is an institute that prioritises quality education. Thereafter, my time in ATC had been an amazing one. It was where I had the privilege of meeting great people and amazing lecturers. This is the place that ignited my zeal for law,” An-Gel claims.

In September, An-Gel will begin her second year of LLB in King’s College London, with aspirations to one day become a litigation lawyer.