Book review: By your side

THIS book is totally ­predictable. Its premise – girl meets boy from the wrong side of the tracks and ­ultimately both realise that they are meant for each other – has been written to death.

Even the presence of a would-be boyfriend is no ­surprise. Yet, somehow, given half a chance, this book is ­actually quite enjoyable.

Autumn Collins was supposed to be going off with her friends for the weekend after studying at the library but ­accidentally gets locked in.

No problem. Jeff, her soon-to-be ­boyfriend, will soon realise that she was left behind and return for her. Only he doesn't come. Nobody does.

Then, she realises that she is not alone. Dax Miller from school is also locked in – only he seems to be have prepared for it, complete with sleeping bag and stuff.

It soon becomes clear that Autumn would have to spend the weekend living off ­whatever food she finds, and dealing with Dax.

The problem is, Dax has a bad reputation. Rumoured to have been in juvenile ­detention, he's a loner, and not the easiest person to get along with. Adding to that is the fact that Autumn has anxiety issues.

How they gradually open up to each other is interesting, and the sidebar of the reactions from Jeff and Autumn's friends is kept lively and amusing.

Not a bad specimen of teenage romance at its cheesiest.