Cries for help stop after third blast

KUALA LUMPUR: Cries for help were no longer heard after the third explosion, said a neighbour who witnessed the fire at the Tahfiz Darul Ittifaqyah in Jalan Datuk Keramat here today.

Hazn Manan (pix), 64, said he heard the cries from the top-most floor of the three-storey premise but was unable to provide any assistance due to the huge blaze.

"I heard them shouting for help, and within 20 minutes, the blaze was at its peak and I heard three explosions just before the Fire and Rescue personnel arrived.

"After the third explosion, the screams and cries could no longer be heard and it was very devastating.

"I wanted to help but there was no way to enter the building," Hazn told reporters at the scene.

At least 22 students and two wardens were killed in the incident.

Four others have been warded at Kuala Lumpur Hospital in critical condition.