Idris accepts state government's decision to not accept Rohingya refugees

KUCHING: Muara Tuang state assemblyman Datuk Idris Buang said he accepted the decision by the state government to not accept Rohingya refugees.

"I accept the decision especially that of the Chief Minister and his cabinet members," said Idris who had suggested that Rohingya refugees be given temporary shelter (refugee camp) in Sarawak with tight security.

However, his suggestion received strong objection from the people of Sarawak, followed by Sarawak Chief Minister's assurance that Sarawak would not accommodate them.

Idris however, stressed that he still stood by his personal stance and view on the matter, adding that it came from the bottom of his heart and out of his believe in humantarian and human rights values, law and justice.

"Furthermore, it is made out my love for fellow human beings and fellow Muslims in despair and in dire need of their right to survive as human beings," he said adding that he was satisfied for voicing out what he had in mind. "Even if my life is endangered as some had made threats against me I would not budge".

He said his family and some of his friends had been doing their part to help the displaced Rohingya people through online donations.

"That is the least that we can do at the moment and I beg those willing to help to do the same," Idris said. — Bernama