Ustaz in tears after failing to save pupils in tahfiz school fire

KUALA LUMPUR: An ustaz from the tahfiz school in Jalan Keramat which caught fire this morning was teary-eyed that he could not save the pupils.

Mohd. Arif Mawardy, 24, who has been working at the school for the past seven months said he heard a loud hissing sound coming from the third floor early in the morning.

He woke three other ustaz who were based at the second floor. The dormitory was located on the third floor.

However, due to the raging fire, the trio had to escape and saw that there were people helping out on the ground.

Meanwhile, 38-year-old Maryani, whose son was a victim in the fire, was also traumatised.

She was seen walking to Hospital Kuala Lumpur's critical unit saying that her son, Indera Kurniawan,13, had burns on his face and body.

She declined to comment further and recited a prayer as she entered the unit.