14.6m voters as of second quarter of 2017: EC

PETALING JAYA: The Election Commission (EC) has recorded a total of voter registrations of almost 14.6 million. Its chairman Tan Sri Mohd Hashim Abdullah said for the record, until June this year 14,622,640 citizens have registered as voters.

"If we take into account the second quarter of the year, which would be April until June, 14,622,640 people have registered as voters. As many as 3,732,188 Malaysians have yet to register," he said today, during the education programme with the Malaysian Teachers Institute in Bangi.

Mohd Hashim said the commission has since stepped up its efforts to get Malaysians to exercise their rights as voters by getting them to register as well as vote in the next General Election (GE14).

"We cannot force people to register nor to vote. But voting in the leaders of the country is a responsibility of the public. We are focusing our efforts to get Malaysians to register, especially those from the target age of 21-39 years old.

"Because we realise that many in this age group have not registered yet. So we are having talks in higher learning institutions like universities, colleges and other institutes," he said.

He said the EC is focused on getting Malaysians to register as voters, not to promote any political parties.

"You heard my speech just now. Did I promote or even mention any political parties? Did I ask them to cross any party? No, I myself do not support any political party. Registering as a voter is the responsibility of Malaysians. We are just trying to get people to do this as well as vote during the election."

Mohd Hashim also stressed that he has no knowledge on the dates of the upcoming elections.

"I do not know when is the election. If the dissolution of Parliament is not done, it will still automatically happen on June 24, 2018. That is less than a year's time."