Hubby nearly beaten to death after wife posts bad restaurant review online

A MAN has been admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of Changsha hospital with serious brain injuries after he was assaulted by seven men over a bad restaurant review posted by his wife online.

The couple had ordered barbeque online when they had friends over at their mahjong parlour in the Hunan capital last Tuesday.

They were unhappy with the food their received, saying it didn't taste good or fresh. On the next day the woman, surnamed Yu, wrote a negative review of the restaurant on the food delivery platform she had used.

She received a call asking if she was the one who posted the review. The caller did not ask her to take it down.

However, at 8pm, seven men armed with clubs went to her mahjong parlour and began questioning, harassing and threatening her.

Yu's husband confronted the men and was brutally beaten. The men fled before police arrived.

The victim was rushed to the hospital where he was transferred to the ICU.

Police have questioned the barbeque restaurant's owner, who admitted to sending the thugs. Investigation into the case is ongoing.