Be friendly to tourists

MALAYSIANS dealing with tourists need to be friendly at all times. Two incidents at Malacca Sentral on Monday highlight the need.

I took 12 relatives to have roti canai and teh tarik. One bag fell down when they were being seated. A patron shouted at my relatives even though he was seated across the table and the bag had not caused any disturbance. I asked him why be rude. Were they not tourists who should be welcomed?

Later, the group went to the toilet and left their bags at the walkway between the ticket counter and the toilet. A counter staff shouted at four of my relatives, who were watching over the bags, to move even though they were not blocking the way.

Why behave like a bully with foreign visitors who had no means to protect themselves due to the language barrier? Worst still, he was joined by another counter staff.

If Malacca wants to be a major tourist centre, the government must educate front-line personnel and service providers to be friendly to tourists and give them a warm welcome.

Datuk Anthony Cho