Book review: SCREAM: The Mummy’s Revenge

THE idea that there is a secret branch of the Metropolitan Police Force known as Scream (the Supernatural Crimes, Rescues, Emergencies and Mysteries Squad) seems a rather far-fetched idea.

Throw in the fact that the top secret investigators in the squad are a crippled young girl (Charlotte 'Charlie' Steel) and a young lad (Billy Flint), and that their secret headquarters is in a crypt beneath Westminster Abbey, then all logic seems to fly out the window.
But give this children's book half a chance and it might just be worth your while.

This dark Victorian adventure is the first in a new series – Scream – by Beasley, a schoolteacher who is trying his hand at being an author.

A 3,000-year-old mummy coming back from the dead and going on a rampage to steal precious jewels for his evil master is just the case for Scream, and Charlie and Billy spring immediately into action.

Arriving at Sir Gordon Balfour's mansion in Edinburgh, the two meet a household in disarray.

Servants are handing in their notice and a strange atmosphere hangs over the place.

But with the help of Sir Gordon's loyal servant Doggie McCrimmon and a very special Scottish terrier named Wellington, Charlie and Billy bravely battle the unknown, undead and whatever else in their way to 'unwrap' the case and solve the crime.

There's plenty of action, and together with the author's powerful power of description, Scream The Mummy's Revenge is an excellent tool to keep the young readers occupied.