Mother's gut feeling saves toddler from abusive sitter

KAJANG: An eight-month-old toddler was saved from the hands of an abusive baby sitter thanks to her mother's gut feeling.

Kajang district police chief ACP Ahmad Dzaffir Yusoff said the baby's mother, a police officer attached to the Kajang district police station, had brought her daughter to Hospital Kajang after noticing red marks on her cheeks.

"Following treatment, the mother realised the child and been abused and later lodged a police report," he said in a statement today.

Ahmad Dzaffir said preliminary investigations revealed that the mother had earlier dropped off her baby at the baby sitter's house in Taman Bukit Mutiara before heading to her workplace.

"She was heading to her workplace to apply for emergency leave to take her daughter to the clinic.

"When she returned, she called the baby sitter and heard her daughter waling in the background.

"She asked about her daughter and the babysitter said the baby was well," he said.

Sensing something was not right, the mother decided to take her baby home.

Upon seeing the red marks on her daughter's cheeks, she tried to call the suspect, but the call went unattended.

Police later arrested the suspect in her 20's on Monday at 8pm and she has been remanded until Sept 22.

The case is being investigated for ill-treatment, neglect, abandonment and exposure of children under the Child Act 2001.